Three Reasons Why Using Whiteboard Videos is Superior to Long Text of Sales Copy


Video marketing grants you the advantages and the unique capabilities to better connect with guests and turn them into your clients; hence, essential to the promotion of a business or sales. Although long text of sales copy do promote companies or sales, its promotion is not as high and as fast as whiteboard video.

Here are three main reasons why using animation is superior to sales letter.

Expanded Reach

Expanded reach is one of the most significant advantages of using video marketing. Unlike text-based content, video offers you access to free and enormous traffic such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, and YouTube. It is among the most cost-efficient ways of getting the word out about your sales. It is easier for users to embed videos you generate into their sites and share them via social media or email than use written content. Moreover, studies show that users prefer using video content to text-based content.


Gives Life to the Customer Testimonials 

Displaying customer testimonials is vital to not only bolstering your credibility but also increasing the likelihood of guests becoming your clients. Although written testimonials are better than no testimonials at all, video testimonials are far much better than written testimonials. Video testimonials are not easy to fake; thus easing suspicion about using stock photos and companies manufacturing testimonials, which are frequent in the text-based content. Besides, video testimonials are a lot more personable as compared to the written testimonials. Justin Nassiri, an employee at VideoGenie, approximates that the average time a user spends to watch them is 100 seconds, which is a fascinating deal of time as compared to the cursory glances he/she gives to the written testimonials.

Add Personality into your Sales Messages

Whiteboard animation connects with viewers on an emotional level, build trust and add personality into your brand. Most written copies come off as sterile and boring, which is unlikely to happen in video marketing. Your guests desire to trade with someone they like, trust and know. Regardless of being a genuine business that offers outstanding products, unless you avoid hiding behind an anonymous web copy and corporate logo, you are likely to blend in with mediocre competitors.

How to find the best whiteboard animation studio


Whiteboard videos have become more popular due to the fact that they can communicate clearly, entertain and are more engaging. Due to their effectiveness and how much they appeal to the audience they have helped businesses achieve numerous goals. Finding the best video production studio is however an uphill task due to the big amount of companies available.

Tips to help you choose the best whiteboard animation studio

Check if the price range fits within your budget.

It is important that you shop for prices from different doodle video companies. Do not just settle for the quotation issued by a single company. Instead get at least three quotations and compare them. Do not necessarily settle for the cheapest offer. Get something that matches the quality you are looking for.


Confirm if they offer numerous styles of animation arts

Variety is very important when it comes to explainer videos. In order for the animation to effectively engage your audience, various styles need to be employed. Ensure the animation studio you settle for can offer this. For example, the best whiteboard animation company should be in a position to produce digital, traditional or a mixture of the two styles of animated explainers.

Check the quality of the videos they produce

Quality is key to the success of doodle videos. Look at their work portfolio and see what they have produced for previous clients.

Firstly, the company should be able to produce a thrilling script since this is what will act as a guide.

Secondly, check if the storyboarding is meaningful and engaging. You should be satisfied that the storyboard clearly interprets the script before you move on.

Thirdly, make sure that the illustrations the studio produces are high quality and interpret the script in an innovative manner.

Fourthly, when it comes to animation quality confirm that they seamlessly combine all the elements to produce a continuous motion within a given time.

Finally, if the studio has talent that do voice overs, they should be able to provide either a male or female voice that conveniently suits your industry.

For example, gives you a lot of options when it comes to voice over actors.

Check the performance track record

Look for feedback or reviews left by previous clients. You can get these from their website or by tracing and talking to those clients. If their videos are good then they must have been used for commercials, internal communications, business presentations, staff training and even online marketing. If most customers were satisfied, then the studio is probably the best pick for you.



Quality whiteboard animations can only be produced by a professional and experienced studio. When you find the best video company you can be rest assured you are spending your money well. The videos should be great to use as explainer videos and highly engage your users. They should also be versatile, easy to follow, enhance learning, and most importantly boost online sales and conversion rates.