Cape May County Schedules New Flu Vaccine Clinics!

Cape May Court House – The County will be offering flu shots on the following dates in November and December. If new clinics are scheduled, information will be posted on the flu hotline at 463-6581 and online at or  These clinics will be held as long as vaccine is available. You are encouraged to call or check online before coming to make sure the clinic will take place.
These flu clinics are for everyone 6 months and older. Reminder: All children less than 5 years who attend daycare or preschool must have an annual flu shot by December 31st to stay in school! While supplies last, FluZone High-Dose (flu vaccine licensed only for seniors) and the standard-dose flu vaccine will be available. Pneumonia vaccine will only be offered at Department of Health clinics.

The standard-dose flu vaccine is free!  The High-Dose vaccine for seniors may be billed to Medicare Part B if Medicare is the primary payer, or it can be billed to Aetna or Humana Medicare. Otherwise, the cost is $45 (check or credit card). A receipt will be provided that can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. Residents wanting the High-Dose flu vaccine should bring Medicare and other insurance cards with them. The pneumonia vaccine is $15.

Consent forms are available at and will be available at the clinics. The High-Dose vaccine has a separate consent form that will be available at the clinic. Persons with a severe allergy to eggs, other vaccine components or who have been told by a doctor that they have had Guillain-Barre syndrome need to receive the flu vaccine from their personal physician.

Check or call the flu hotline at 463-6581 for information on upcoming flu clinics. Information will also be posted on the Cape May County Government and the Department of Health’s Facebook pages.

Making yourself an LSAT Superstar

It has to be said that a lot of people do pass the LSAT exam. The thing that a lot of people do NOT do though, is smash the LSAT exam to pieces and make it look like a kiddies exam. That doesn’t happen very often, but in all honesty it should be your aim. The higher a score you get, the better your new qualification will be, and therefore the better the opportunities you will have in terms of new and higher paid employment.

The issue is, achieving an almost perfect LSAT score is no easy feat, and therefore a very carefully constructed plan should be put in place to make it happen. What is that plan? Well it’s like this:

Go and get a copy of the LSATMax review. That’s the first step to take. It’s the best review that there is for it’s subject, and so buying it is an easy decision, above the other possible courses for consideration. Then after you have bought your new study review, create as much time as you can in your day on day life to go through the review. There really is not anything more to the success process than that. Hard work always pays off in the end!


InfoSec Exam Practice

With any exam it can be a good idea to get in some solid exam practice in the days running up towards the exam. The infosec exam is absolutely no exception to this rule. It is an important exam for a lot of people and if that includes you, you could do far worse that finding some infosec training that offers an exam practice area.

But what is it about exam practice that is so vital to a studying ‘campaign’ if I may call it that? Well it does 2 things really well. Firstly it shows you the format of the questions of the exam, and that can do wonders for killing any pre exam nerves that you might be feeling. This will in all likelihood enable you to get a much better night’s sleep than you otherwise would have done, on the night before the exam and probably other nights too, and this could be a huge contributing factor in you passing the exam. Why? Well because sleep and concentration and thinking quality all go hand in hand.

The other great thing about exam practice is that it will show you, without fail, which areas of the content you know well, and which areas still have room for improvement.


Pillars of DAT Study

There’s a couple of pillars, or big time rules I guess you could call them, that all successful DAT exam candidates go through, that you too will want to undertake in order to also be a success with this. In this quick article I will lay down those pillars in simple and easy to understand terms, so that you are left completely aware of them, and thus unable to give any excuses if you end up failing the exam.

What most candidates do initially is, they find themselves DAT studying materials to use during their spare time. They have an attitude that says, “whenever I get some spare time that I could theoretically use for work, I must sit down and do some studying”. And then they follow through fully on that plan. And that is the important part – actually following through with your plans. Because it is useless to make study plans and to then just completely forget about them or ignore them. It’s a total waste of time. If you’re going to do something like that, you might as well not even bother making any plans to study. The right way to go about it is to be strong minded and just do the work, whether you want to or not.

CIA Test Struggles

On your CIA exam, you will want to be in a situation where you are not struggling badly to answer the questions. It’s an awkward scenario to be in and if you can manage it, you should work hard enough before the exam to learn and know your stuff, such that you won’t struggle in this way.

I have personally been in that situation where I was sat stranded in an exam where I didn’t know the answers, and I honestly wished that I could have gone back and worked harder in the days and weeks beforehand. I know I’ll never let myself get into that position with an exam again, and you should take this as a warning and do the same.

If you’re looking for a technique for learning properly you should have a look over these CIA exam reviews and decide on one to buy. It will help you enormously and I’m sure you’ll be glad you went ahead and picked one up. Lots of students don’t bother, and instead they choose to just study a bit from the free resources that they find in libraries and other such places. These are the students who struggle on the CIA.


A Big Boost For Your EA Exam

Right now I’m gonna give you a great big boost for your attempts to be an EA success case. Go check out these pure gold EA materials. Such materials will be the heartbeat of your learning and revising campaign, because every little fact that you need to know for the exam, they will teach you it. And you had better believe that such materials will help! I have chatted to a lot of EA candidates in the past, and the ones who passed the exam almost all had bought such resources. The ones who didn’t bother were often the ones left to feel sorry for themselves after failing. There is a real pattern there, so make sure to acquire good enrolled agent exam prep so that you only have to do this test just the once!

Nobody wants to do this stuff twice…come on, it has that linger of “been here, done this, and shouldn’t have to be here doing it again” about it, which really sucks when it happens to you. I know this because I learnt it through brutal personal experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you because you have me here setting you straight, so that you can save masses of your own time!


Revising For The CPA Examination

Obviously the most crucial aspect of learning for your CPA exam is the initial learning phase. At this point you are taking in material that is at least relatively new to you, and so that is why it is such an important stage in your learning.

However, the second most important stage is the revision stage, and that is what I want to discuss with you today. It is the process of going over what you learnt the first time around, and basically just confirming that you know everything, and also adding in the bits that you will have forgotten or missed the first time.

Having great CPA materials for studying is vital to this. You do not have much going for you without those, so you must get them in as soon as possible.

There is actually one CPA review that I think is the ultimate CPA course, and that is Becker’s CPA study review. The thing is with CPA courses you need to make sure they are made by people who really know what they are talking about, and if you click on the link in this paragraph, you will find yourself looking at a product made by people of that description.

ACT Exam Pass Figures

The passing figures for the ACT exam are not an high as they could be if all of the candidates of the exam took it a little more responsibly and tried as hard as they could during their study, learning and revision time.

The point that I am really getting at here is that you should do your utmost to avoid the mistakes that have been made by thousands of others in entering the exam room unprepared, or partially prepared. Doing that may be good enough to pass some exams but to pass your ACT exam it will not work out to be enough, of that I can assure you.

What you really need to give you the best possibility of passing the exam, is a good study guide. But the problem is that the best ACT prep book does not come cheap. Actually it should not be too much of a problem though, because later on you will earn so much dollar from your new ACT qualification that the money you pay now for a course will look like pocket change!


LSAT Learning Remorse

If you ask around among former LSAT exam students, you will discover that the ones who did not pass the exam on their first go, were filled with remorse afterwards. They all felt the same way – they wished they could have turned back the clock and studied harder when they had the chance. Unfortunately though, the clock cannot be turned back, meaning that these students had to accept that they’d missed out on gaining a pass grade for the time being, and have to study again for a re-attempt.

Trust me when I tell you that it is no fun retaking exams. That feeling of having been there and done this, and having should have moved on… it’s not nice. You don’t want to experience that if you can help it, so do the right thing and study properly on your first go!

And how exactly can you ensure quality study?

By getting a top LSAT study guide and doing your best to use all the information that you can from it. This is not really a small challenge, so you should take it with the seriousness that it deserves.

So long as you do things that way, you won’t find yourself experiencing any LSAT learning remorse!

Hiring a CFA Learning Instructor

In preparation for the CFA exam, some people opt to hire a personal instructor to gain for themselves the highest chance that they will know enough information to be able to pass the exam. Actually, I do not think this works out to be a very good idea. The reasoning for this is that there is no guarantee that the person who is the instructor will be particularly helpful. Moreover, a Fitch learning CFA review will work out to be just as good regardless, or in all likelihood will work out even better, because it will definitely have all the material that you need, within it.

With a tutor, this might not be the case, because the tutor may miss information out. In any case, the most capable teachers on this subject are already qualified themselves. It is only the less competent ones who teach. “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” It’s a very true statement and you would do well to acknowledge it when you are in the midst of prepping how you’re going to approach your exam study period. Students that don’t acknowledge it often end up regretting doing so because they get a poor exam mark.